Why MYCL ?

Be part of our team to grow sustainable material for better life!

MYCL is a biotechnology start up company based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We grow
high-performance sustainable material through biotechnology using mushroom mycelium and agricultural waste. Our current products are MYLEA (Mycelium Leather) and BIOBO (Bio Binderless Board). Your contribution and ideas are important for company’s success, and you’ll have plenty opportunities to grow your career and learn variety of skills!

Company Culture & Values

Culture is a set of basic assumptions, beliefs, learned behaviors, values and norms shared among a company's employees. It is a set of living relationships working toward a shared goal. It’s not something you are. It’s something you do.
Here are the values we share among our employees:

1. Think and Act Beyond
Take the more holistic approach in every decisions and actions. This often means putting larger interests above our own.

2. Context not Control
Figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than by trying to control the people. High performance people better work if they understand the context.

3. Hopen (Honest and Open)
Honest and open communication that is respectful and vulnerable is tough, but it is worth working on.

4. Founder’s Mentality
The founder's mentality is not about individual founders per se, but about the attitudes and behaviors that are common across the most sustainably successful companies with the most loyal and energized employees.

5. Excellent and Continuous Improvement
Always strive to grow and learn, believing that development has no limit.

6. Go Big or Go Home!
To build something great we have to be aggressive and willing to make tough decisions. NOTHING WORTH DOING COMES EASY.

Happiness is Success
Success doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness brings success. Be happy and positive at work first actually fuels greater success second. Being happy helps us make smarter decisions, be more creative, less likely to leave our job and more likely to accomplish beyond far more than we ever anticipated.

Career Opportunities
Financial Analyst - Bandung

Location: Bandung

Department: Finance, Accounting, and Tax

Working Hour: Full Time

Job Type: Freelance, Volunteer, Temporary

Job Duration: 3 months

Job Level: Supervisor

About the role:
Responsible for tracking a company's financial performance against a plan, analyzing business performance and market conditions to create forecasts, and helping board of directors make tactical and strategic decisions by providing periodic reports.

What you will do (Job Description):

  • Improving the cost monitoring system, and financial performance evaluation
  • Managing corporate financial strategy, optimizing corporate financial modelling & valuation, investment optimization, cash improvement
  • Accounting management
  • Assisting Founders directly in fund raising process
  • Liaise with current investors to report on the financial performance
  • Provide and analyze the Company Valuation

What you will need (Requirements):

  • Minimal Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Economics, or Accounting
  • Having 3-5 years of working experience in financial modelling, financial planning, and financial data analysis.
  • Having competencies in corporate financial strategy, investment optimization, cash improvement
  • Have a basic knowledge about accounting management
  • Good knowledge in tax regulation and financial market.
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing) will be advantages

Accounting Officer - Internship - Bandung

Location: Bandung

Department: Finance, Accounting, and Tax

Working Hour: Full Time

Job Type: Internship/Temporary

Job Duration: 3 months

Job Level: Staff

About the role:
Ensuring compliance with accounting and tax laws. Preparing budgets regularly. Monitoring expenditure and profits and providing reports. Evaluating internal management systems, procedures and risks in order to provide recommendations.

What you will do (Job Description):

  • Responsible for recording and reporting accounting and tax in accordance with IFRS standards
  • Coordinate with third parties regarding financial and tax reporting
  • Assisting the COO of the Company to prepare financial plans, accounting methods, procedures and policies
  • Direct and coordinate with the general cashier in carrying out administrative tasks and daily financial transactions

What you will need (Requirements):

  • Min. Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  • Solid knowledge of financial and accounting procedures
  • Experienced in calculating and preparing Corporate Tax report such as PPN, PPH, etc.
  • Experienced in using financial software

Assistant Researcher - Internship - Bandung
Location: Bandung
Department: Research and Development
Working Hour: Full Time
Job Type: Internship
Job Duration: 3 months
Job Level: Staff

About the role:

Responsible for performing research and laboratory tasks for projects and products, and conduct collaborative research with other institutions.

What you will do (Job Description):
  • Responsible for performing research and laboratory tasks.
  • Conducting collaborative research with LIPI Biomaterial.
  • Supporting research for optimization process of Mylea.
  • Makes detailed observations, analyzes data and interprets results.
  • Prepares research reports.

What you will need (Requirements):
  • Bachelor Degree in Biology/Microbiology/Biotechnology/Bioengineering.
  • Has an understanding and/or application of fundamental principles, theories and concepts in laboratory research.
  • The ability to read and understand relevant scientific literature.
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